ROGUE STATE #1 CVR A GRANDA (MR) (05 Oct Release)


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What if a contested Presidential election plunged America into turmoil? What if political violence consumed the streets? And what if a raging Supreme Court¸ in a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment¸ legitimized and deputized all militias¸ transforming the entire country into a paramilitary police state? What if a freedom fighter emerged from the chaos¸ raised a civilian army¸ and carved out a territory across the United States?… pushing out police¸ militias¸ and National Guard… enforcing its own laws… Sovereign. What if Americans refused to be governed? In this speculative fiction comic book series ripped from tomorrow's headlines¸ a mysterious figure named Vya Of Brightstars will rise from the crisis¸ but is she a freedom fighter or a terrorist? Either way¸ her rogue state will not just blaze a path across America¸ it will also inspire others to raise their own armies... some in solidarity¸ others in opposition. 'ROGUE STATE... is a genre known as 'speculative fiction.' Except that it doesn't seem as speculative anymore.' (-The San Francisco Chronicle) From writer Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT¸ GODKILLER) and artist Carlos Granda (PIROUETTE¸ CALEXIT: SAN DIEGO)¸ comes this tale of rebelling against tyranny¸ reconquering stolen land¸ punching fascists in the face¸ and building a better nation.