STAR WARS YODA #1 (OF 10) (23 Nov Release)

STAR WARS YODA #1 (OF 10) (23 Nov Release)


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Pre-order all 10 issues from #1 (all bagged and boarded). NOTE: Single issues will be available for pre-order in August.

New York Times bestselling author Cavan Scott and artist Nico Leon will kick things off with a story set during the Star Wars: The High Republic era. They’ll be followed by writers Jody Houser and Marc Guggenheim and artists Luke Ross and Alessandro Miracolo with stories set just before the Prequel Trilogy and near the end of the Clone Wars. Scott and Leon will return to complete the saga in the final issue. Yoda’s first-ever solo comic series, STAR WARS: YODA will reveal unexplored aspects of the Jedi Master’s storied history and shed new light on the mystery that surrounded the iconic character since his debut.