DC MECH #1 (OF 6) CVR A BALDEMAR RIVAS (26 Jul Release)


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At the end of World War II¸ Earth was invaded by giant mechanized parademons from a planet called Apokolips. Earth’s protectors¸ the Justice Society of America¸ were devastated¸ and with them¸ the age of superheroes came to an end and the era of the Mech began. In the ensuing years¸ the world has stockpiled colossal battle suits piloted by elite warriors¸ waiting for the day Apokolips returns. But when Kal-El¸ the last son of a dying world¸ crash-lands in Metropolis with his own war suit¸ he’ll face down two of Earth’s finest Mech fighters¸ the Flash and Batman. The dawn of a brave new mechanized DCU is here from the rising star creative team of Kenny Porter (The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive¸ Fearless) and Baldemar Rivas (Robins¸ Batman: Urban Legends).