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1868 SHOUTS AGAINST SHOOTS GN (29 Jun Release)


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South Italy's 'far west.' Between history and fiction¸ the story of the legendary brigand Michelina De Cesare. During the '60 of the XIX century¸ the phenomenon known as 'brigandism' in the southern regions of Italy is our own 'far west.' An entire population conquered by the army which descended from the north¸ deprived of its lands¸ of its laws¸ of its traditions¸ an invasion met with a diffused and transveral resistance: former Borbonic soldiers¸ former veterans both from Garibaldi's and republican armies¸ but also families¸ chapelains and whole villages. Among the ranks of those who fought to the bitter end was Michelina De Cesare¸ in the territories near Caserta¸ where she was betrayed.