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BE THAT WAY HC (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

BE THAT WAY HC (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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It's January 1¸ 1996¸ and high school junior Christine wants more than anything to be that cool girl everyone notices¸ like her gorgeous best friend¸ Landry. She usually hates New Year's resolutions¸ but this year she vows to be that shiny kind of girl-and record it all in her diary through prose¸ illustration¸ and comics. When Landry drops her¸ Christine is surprised to discover just how much she doesn't miss her and her drama. But a misguided kiss with film-obsessed Paul¸ her only other close friend¸ also causes a rift¸ and she finds herself facing a long¸ lonely summer. With nothing to lose¸ Christine finds a new sense of courage. She gets a job at her neighborhood video store¸ experiments with her art¸ and becomes romantically entangled with her next-door neighbor Whit¸ who's either the coolest guy ever or a total jerk. In spite of all this¸ she doesn't quite feel shiny-until a shocking betrayal shows her the value of the words and drawings she hides in her diary¸ and she finally understands that she doesn't need to be cool to be noticed-she only needs to be herself.

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