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DOOMS DAY CAMP STORY EATER GN (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

DOOMS DAY CAMP STORY EATER GN (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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Doom Thorax is anything but ordinary! Sure¸ he might not have unusual abilities like all of his friends. But he is the only one of them who can read. And his books have helped them not only survive but thrive in their post-apocalyptic world. So much so that their camp has been growing the last few months¸ with new kids arriving from all over. And they all have the same eerily familiar story: their parents left to fight some mysterious threat and never returned…. Of course¸ everyone fears the worst¸ that is until a fateful clue about the adults whereabouts arrives on their doorstep. If there's any chance of rescuing his dad and the other adults¸ Doom knows they must leave their camp and venture out into the unknown. But will this ragtag bunch of kids ultimately have what it takes to go up against a monster that was strong enough to defeat all of their parents?

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