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PHOTONIK MAN OF LIGHT TP (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

PHOTONIK MAN OF LIGHT TP (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

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Photonik is bring (sexy?) Silver Age comics back! A reluctant disabled superhero, a larger than life supervillain who wants to enslave humanity, two unlikely sidekicks and a huge dose of adventure. Photonik: Man of Life is the feel-good graphic novel of the Fall!

He was bullied so often he stopped counting. He was sometimes called a monster or an aberration. Thaddeus Tanterhook has lived with Khyphosis (hunchback) all his life, but when he becomes the flawless Photonik, the Man of Light, people only see the hero. Will his powers change the man he is inside?

Photonik is bringing the Silver Age back! Written and drawn by Ciro Tota, Photonik: Man of Light has achieved cult status in France where hundreds of thousands of readers have followed his adventures through the years. It has the charm and classic feel of X-Men, Spider-Man and Hulk. It stars a trio of outcasts ready to save the day while society rejects them... Sounds familiar?
Next to Photonik, you'll find Tom Thumb, a stray kid who never misses a shot and Dr Ziegel, a Holocaust survivor with psychic powers. Together, they are going to help Thaddeus defeat major threats such as the Minotaur.
Buckle up! And get ready to fall in love with this feel-good action series with a big heart!

Featuring a fantastic cover from fan favorite Marvel artist PAUL RENAUD!
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