REVISIONIST TP (21 Sep Release)

REVISIONIST TP (21 Sep Release)


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This volume is on sale in SEPTEMBER 2022

How far would you go to save reality? Martin Monroe is The Revisionist - a time-traveling assassin tasked with repairing our fractured timeline. Forced to place his trust in his estranged father, Martin will have to overcome his troubled past to save the future - but can he live with his decisions?

Join the all-star creative team of writer FRANK J. BARBIERE (Five Ghosts, Avengers World), artist GARRY BROWN (Black Road, The Massive) and colorist LAUREN AFFE (The Paybacks, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) for a fast-paced action/sci-fi adventure about fathers, sons and time travel!

This volume collects the entire series, issues #1-6