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GHOSTLORE TP VOL 01 DISCOVER NOW ED (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

GHOSTLORE TP VOL 01 DISCOVER NOW ED (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

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What ghost stories do ghosts tell, and what can they tell us about ourselves?

An estranged daughter and her father wander a haunted land; they only have the restless spirits, each with its own story to tell, as company along the way.

After a deadly accident of which they are the only survivors, Lucas and Harmony Agate can see the dead-an overwhelming amount of the deceased, all with their own warnings, cries for help, and malevolence alike.

But Lucas and Harmony aren't the only ones with this ability; there are other nearly-deads, some of which have malicious motivations...

Cullen Bunn of Basilisk and The Empty Man acclaim is joined by artist Leomacs (Basketful of Heads), bringing readers the most eye-opening spectral story since The Sixth Sense!

Collects Ghostlore #1-4.
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