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SPIDER-MAN (2019) #4 (OF 5) SLINEY 2020 VAR

SPIDER-MAN (2019) #4 (OF 5) SLINEY 2020 VAR

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In-store 2020-09-23.

• Now that issue #1 is out, can we finally talk about this?
•  Ben Parker, the son of Peter and Mary Jane, has had a lot thrown at him the last few weeks.
•  Normal high school stuff: met the love of his life, stood up to a bully, found out his dad was Spider-Man and that he has powers, too, and the super-villain that changed everything is out to get him... Yep, normal high school stuff.
•  However, in ways that we can't really explain here, this issue turns all THAT onto its head.
Rated T
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