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TIMELESS #1 RON LIM VAR (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

TIMELESS #1 RON LIM VAR (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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BEHOLD THE FUTURE OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE - FEATURING THE DEBUT OF TWO NEW MARVEL ICONS! In a devastating future born from the choices of today¸ all of time and space is threatened by the ascension of an ancient evil. The MOON KNIGHT UNENDING has risen - a nightmare born of StarkTech¸ the Eternal Machine and the God of the Moon - and now all of Earth bows before his overwhelming power! But one man stands against Khonshu's coming tide of chaos: POWER MAN¸ the Marvel Universe's final living super hero. But who is Power Man - and how did he come to wield the unstable powers of the Sentry¸ the Hulk and the Iron Fist? What dark¸ deeply personal conflict underpins this mind-bending apocalypse? And at the end of the line¸ can the Marvel Universe ever truly be saved? PLUS - a SHOCKING glimpse into the next year of Marvel stories! Rated T

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