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HOGGY AT BAT HC (Geo-restricted) (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

HOGGY AT BAT HC (Geo-restricted) (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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Now that this former ball hog has learned to be a team player¸ Hoggy's friends think he's a real catch. But Hoggy feels more at home on the basketball court than he does on the baseball diamond. He wants to hit the ball so flawlessly that it soars over the fence. Instead¸ it's a swing and a miss. When Hoggy strikes out¸ the pressure is on. Can he learn to relax and enjoy a fun game with his friends? Or will the pressure to win keep him from stepping up to the plate? Geisel medalist Ethan Long hits a home run with his expressive art and encouraging messages about teamwork¸ perseverance¸ and the value of just having fun-perfect for early comics and social emotional learning collections.

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