Collection: Previews March

Our pricing in this batch for periodicals is noticeably lower than usual. These prices will stay as such until the end of this Preview's month -- after which they will increase a bit until their respective pre-order cut-off. This pricing and your pre-orders will help us allocate our resources in advance as we continue to be efficient and cost-effective, in preparation for when it's time to fulfil and ship your pre-orders. And with all that, your standard comics are still bagged and boarded!

So in effect, we will have these pricing tiers:

  1. Monthly Previews -- reduced price until end of this Preview's month
  2. Last Call to Pre-Order -- still the lowest price in Australia until the pre-order cut-off

We are always trying to keep comic collecting as affordable as possible. Thank you all for your support!

NOTE: Collected editions and other non-periodicals are not affected.