What is Comicbookeroo?

We are a family-owned online comics shop operating from Point Cook VIC Australia. We specialise in safely packaging the comics so your comics arrive to you in the right condition.


Why and how are the comic books priced low?

The low price is not our intention, but just a result of Comicbookeroo streamlining our operation to focus more on you our customer and your comics, and minimising on the other stuff that makes this hobby inaccessible to a lot of readers. We are still a business but for every savings we make, we pass these savings on to you our dear customers. Why? Because we are nothing without you. We. Are. Nothing. Without. You!


How do I subscribe to a title?

Due to the high cost of shipping just one comic, we currently do not have a subscription model because it is not viable price-wise for the general subscriber.

To get the same effect, we recommend buying bundles of 12 (from our Bundles page, or in each pre-order product's page). And then monthly (or weekly), you can order ad-hoc other comics -- when these ship, we piggy-bank in-stock comics from your bundle into them.


How does shipment work for in-stock, pre-orders or bundles?

You get one shipment per order when all books in the order are already released and in-stock.

    NOTE: Anytime you have another order in the future that ships earlier, we will buddy-up your on-hold books to that order. Basically, you can have ad-hoc or weekly or monthly orders, and we will take care of the fulfilment of your books and how they are shipped to you.

    If you are keen to receive in-stock books right away, kindly create a separate order for them. Thank you.

    For those who prefer weekly shipments, we have a Last Call to Pre-order page that you can use to segregate your shipments to weekly.

    For those who prefer monthly shipments, we have the monthly Previews pages.


    What if I changed addresses before a package can be delivered?

    Contact Us or chat  with us, and we will change your shipping address for you.


    Why is my order of multiple copies of a hot book refunded?

    When a highly hyped and popular book hits the shop, you can order as much as you like as long we have high stock. But, if we have low stock on the book, we reserve the right to partially fulfil your order and refund you the unfulfilled copies (or convert to postage credits). We like to give regular readers of a series the opportunity to obtain a copy of the book as much as possible. Thank you for your kind consideration!


    Pickup option?

    Nope. We are a pure online shop and can only deliver by post. One of the many ways which allow us to keep our prices down. If you are looking to save more on postage, please consider our Buildabox option.


    If you have any questions not answered in this page, please feel free to submit an enquiry in our Contact Us page. If we like your question enough, we will add it to this FAQ.