NOTE: For returning customers only

Want to save on postage fees by merging orders? Want to build a pile of comics? Want to have control on when they are shipped to you? And only pay postage fees later when we ship? Meanwhile, your standard comics are stored all bagged and boarded, and not being crumpled ;)

If yes to all of the above, then you are in luck!


Feel free to order all you want whenever you want ($10 minimum purchase amount), and just pay for postage fees later.

How do I do that?

On checkout, just enter the code BUILDABOX and click Apply! That's it!

You know that it worked when you see something like this...

NOTEThis will work for returning customers only, not allowed yet for first orders.


So what do I do when I want my comics posted?

Just go to our Contact us page or via , and give us the go signal. We will then place your in-stock books in our packaging queue for the week of the next release day. Just on a super-busy week, please allow for another week. When we get to your package, we will email you an invoice for the postage fee -- follow the instruction on the email to pay for the postage fee.

What about my outstanding non-BUILDABOX orders?

If you have outstanding orders and then you switch to BUILDABOX, they too are automatically converted to BUILDABOX. When it's time to post, we will use your already-paid postage credits. When you run out of postage credit, we will email you an invoice for the balance owed.

As long as you have an outstanding Buildabox order, all your orders are in your Buildabox.


Simple? Simple =)