Amazing Spider-Man #6 - 900th Issue

Where to start reading Spider-Man comics? Here is your chance to hop into this new era. A new Amazing Spider-Man #1 arrives in April 2022.

Pre-order the 12 issues from #4 (including the giant-sized #6 which is also LGY#900 introducing the Sinister Adaptoid) and get the 12th free (all bagged and boarded), plus FCBD 2002 Spider-Man Venom #1 🤗

NOTE from Marvel: "We wanted you to be aware that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 6 (75960620200300611) has an extensively long lead time between FOC and on-sale date. Both AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 6 will FOC on May 23rd, before AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 5 FOCs on June 6th. This is due to the printer needing a much longer lead time to plan for paper requirements and print this large page count comic that is expected to have a very large print run." The three issues will get in-store in the correct order on their respective release dates. We in Comicbookeroo are offering all #4, #5 and #6 in Last Call to Pre-order just for this week, just to simplify it and avoid more confusion. Thank you!