Revenge of the Gods

The gods of the Multiverse have decided to take down the heroes they once called champions and the world they’ve sworn to protect. For years the gods sat idle atop their mountains as their legends faded into obscurity along with their bodies. Now is their time to remind the selfish mortals of their existence and take back the world with something more powerful than belief…fear. Only the brave heroes Wonder Woman and Shazam stand in their way, but will their combined powers be enough?

Wonder Woman #797 and #798 will also tie-in to Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods while also setting up Diana Prince’s story in Dawn of DC in 2023. After Diana’s shocking choice to align herself with the gods, her world has changed. Could godhood be the answer to all her problems? Find out as Diana ascends! Wonder Woman #797 and #798 will feature Mary Marvel backup stories by The New Champion of Shazam Writer Josie Campbell and art by Caitlin Yarsky (Black Hammer).