Trial of the Amazons Crossover

The wait is over, and Trial of the Amazons has begun—the first Wonder Woman crossover in decades!

The dangers of Doom's Doorway have found their way to Man's World and garnered the attention of not one, but all three Amazonian tribes. The Bana-Mighdall consider it to be a weakness in the current regime and have decided to return to the shores of Themyscira to stake their claim over the island. Little do they know, the Esquecida are not far behind, but instead looking for help to combat the evil unleashed. Tempers rise and swords are brandished as the women argue about the best course of action.

The Trial of the Amazons takes place throughout:

  • Trial of the Amazons #1 (comes with  Themyscirans tattoo),
  • Nubia & the Amazons #6   (comes with Bana-Mighdall tattoo),
  • Wonder Woman #785   (comes with Esquecida tattoo),
  • Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1,
  • Wonder Woman #786,
  • Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #2, and
  • Trial of the Amazons #2!

Celebrate the event with three promotional temporary tattoos, each representing one of the story's Amazonian tribes!

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