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DEADPOOL BY ALYSSA WONG TP VOL 02 (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

DEADPOOL BY ALYSSA WONG TP VOL 02 (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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Love is in the air as Deadpool takes his new romance¸ Valentine Vuong¸ out on the town! Unfortunately¸ bullets¸ blades and explosive devices are also in the air - since both of them have enemies who want them dead! What do trained killers do when trained killers try to kill them? Naturally¸ they try to kill those trained killers first! After all of this¸ Wade Wilson will need a break. All he wants to do is retire¸ have a nice time with his daughter and be completely cured of his cancer - is that too much to ask? Maybe not? But when he's captured by the mysterious Horned Emperor¸ can even Deadpool's new paramour - or his giant symbiote dog - save the Merc with a Mouth? Or is he heading for heartbreak?! Collecting DEADPOOL (2022) #6-10. Rated T+

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