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NICK FURY #1 1:15 STROMAN INCV (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

NICK FURY #1 1:15 STROMAN INCV (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

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The world is a dangerous place.  And there's danger in drawing attention to your plans. When S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a lone agent to infiltrate, capture and remain anonymous, there's no one better than NICK FURY.  An all-new era for the superspy begins here, as Fury is sent on a top-secret mission to the French Riviera.  He'll need to outmaneuver the enemy as the complex dance of espionage begins, but will he meet his match in the mysterious FRANKIE NOBLE?  Grab the edge of your seat and don't let go - this caper's just getting started!
Rated T+
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