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GAMBIT #1 (OF 5) LEE VAR (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

GAMBIT #1 (OF 5) LEE VAR (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

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ALL-NEW ADVENTURES OF THE LEGENDARY THIEF BY CO-CREATOR CHRIS CLAREMONT! You think you know all there is to know about Remy LeBeau¸ the Ragin' Cajun¸ the mutant known as GAMBIT - but legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont has an ace up his sleeve with this new series! Before he joined the X-MEN¸ Gambit encountered a mysterious girl named 'RO - the mutant STORM regressed to her child self by the nefarious NANNY - and the two went up against the forces of the SHADOW KING! Now¸ revealed for the first time¸ Gambit finds his path to becoming the heroic X-Man millions of fans call their favorite! Joined by rising star artist Sid Kotian¸ Chris weaves a story of action¸ intrigue and revenge that made Gambit the mutant he is and forged his relationship with Storm. You'll get a charge out of this one¸ mon ami! RATED T+

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