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LUCIFER OMNIBUS HC VOL 01 (MR) (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

LUCIFER OMNIBUS HC VOL 01 (MR) (Backorder, Allow 2-3 Weeks)

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To order the Sandman Standee, use the sale on your Lunar Dashboard to order both the qualifying books and the standee. From the pages of THE SANDMAN, Lucifer Morningstar, the former Lord of Hell, is unexpectedly called back into action when he receives a mission from Heaven. But once he completes his mission, the Prince of Darkness' demand shakes the foundation of Heaven and Hell. Then, the Lightbringer begins work on a New Creation outside the bounds of any authority but his own. And Lucifer must now face the challenge of single combat to the death with his brother, the angel of the Host Amenadiel. This new Omnibus collects THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: LUCIFER #1-3, LUCIFER #1-35 and LUCIFER: NIRVANA #1.

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