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WONDER WOMAN (2016) #768 CVR A DAVID MARQUEZ (08 Dec Release)

WONDER WOMAN (2016) #768 CVR A DAVID MARQUEZ (08 Dec Release)

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In-store 2020-12-08.

NOTE: To learn more about how shipments for subscriptions work, visit our FAQ pageIt’s Wonder Woman versus Deathstroke—winner take all! When the newly incarcerated Maxwell Lord turns up mortally wounded in his prison cell, Wonder Woman and Etta Candy are on the case to track the would-be killer. But as the trail heats up, so too does the danger— when Deathstroke the Terminator shows up, you know there’s trouble! Can Diana stop the king of all bounty hunters and his god-killer daggers, or will this godly bounty be just another trophy for Slade Wilson?
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