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SIRENS GATE #1 CVR A MAER (05 Oct Release)


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'SUPERSTAR ARTIST SHANNON MAER MAKES HIS WRITING AND INTERIOR ART DEBUT! Red-hot artist Shannon Maer's covers have been showcased on some of the best-selling books in the industry¸ and fans have asked for years when will he draw interiors. Well¸ wait no more¸ as Shannon makes his writing and interior art debut with this fiendish tale that explores the very nature of what we call reality¸ illuminated with the kind of stunning artwork that only he can deliver. Tara¸ an aspiring writer¸ has never thought of herself as anyone special. For better or worse¸ all that is about to change. When a mysterious young man extends an unexpected invitation¸ Tara is awed at the opportunity to meet with her literary idol¸ Lady Rose. This unique encounter sparks a series of events¸ forever thrusting her into a world of the unimaginable. What Tara once assumed to be nothing more than the imagined pages of dark fiction¸ slowly begins to unravel itself as the true reality.'