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FIRE AND ICE #3 CVR C ASRAR (22 May Release)

FIRE AND ICE #3 CVR C ASRAR (22 May Release)

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Having survived his duel with Otwa¸ Darkwolf must now deal with a mysterious force that seems determined to stop him in his tracks. Meanwhile¸ Nekron manipulates Juliana's grief¸ and a new wave of horrors are unleashed on an unprepared world - forcing Jarol¸ the King of Fire Keep¸ to respond. Is hope still visible through the cracks of the slowly expanding ice? Find out in Fire and Ice #3 as acclaimed comics creators BILL WILLINGHAM (Fables¸ Legenderry) and LEONARDO MANCO (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies¸ Blaze of Glory) delve ever deeper into the world of the acclaimed film!

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