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EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2022) #5 (OF 5) (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2022) #5 (OF 5) (Backorder, Allow 1-2 Weeks)

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Three brand new Spiders get their start here! WEB-WEAVER: A not-so-mild mannered fashion designer at Van Dyne gets spider-powers and shows us a very different kind of Spider-Slayer. HUNTER-SPIDER: Imagine a world where Sergei Kravinoff got Spider-Powers. You are not ready for the most hardcore Spider yet! Both of these and Phil Lord & Christopher Miller¸ the filmmakers behind the Spider-Verse movies¸ create a new Spider just in time for the END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE!

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