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BOMBSHELL & TOMMTOMM #3 CVR A SPARACIO (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

BOMBSHELL & TOMMTOMM #3 CVR A SPARACIO (Backorder, Allow 3-4 Weeks)

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Are two Todesbots, Nazi death-machine robots, better than one TommTomm? We'll find out
in this action packed installment as Bombshell, TommTomm, MI-5 Agent Wilkinson and a squad of MI-5 agents take on the Nazi spy ring leader Klaus Von Bader, his henchmen and two Todesbots.

Meanwhile, two top archaeologists of the S.S.'s Ahnenerbe Division, Franz Altheim and Erika Trautmann, at an ancient temple in Baalbek, Lebanon are about to uncover something rather ... unearthly. Back in Amesbury, England, MI-5 Scientist Professor Graham Rockwell is getting close to discovering TommTomm's origin, while in Germany, Reichsfuhrer Himmler receives news of another wonder weapon, this one named "Die Glocke", which may have more interesting capabilites than just "any weapon".

Bombshell and TommTomm! Just like the comics you used to love to read! Trust us!
You won't be disappointed!
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